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Vodafone UMTS / 3G / GPRS Card (Last Update: 2006/01/12):

KDE (KPPP) configuration:
  • With a regular cell phone, remove the PIN that you want to use in your 3G card (The command AT+CPIN="PINCODE" doesn't work as I would like)
  • Open kppp program and select the option Configure
  • After that choice a windows will appear with the actual configured accounts.
    kppp accounts
  • Now we go to create a new manual account
    kppp setup manual account
  • Add a new phone number (Vodafone number is *99***1#) and give a name to the new connection (I give the name Vodafone)
    kppp added phone number
  • After account creation, you need to create a new modem to work with the Vodafone 3G card. For that push the New button
    kppp new modem
  • Now choose a modem name and choose the device (my device is /dev/ttyUSB0)
    kppp configure new modem
  • Remove the option Wait for dial tone before dialing and push the button Modem Commands
    kppp modem parameters
  • Inside Modem Commands put in Initialization string 1: AT+CMEE=1 and in Initialization string 2: AT+CGDCONT=1,"ip","" Don't change anything more here. Push the button OK
    kppp modem init string 1 and 2
  • Now choose the new connection (Vodafone) and the new modem (Placa3G-Vodafone). In the fields login and password we place vodafone and push the button Connect. It's all :) kppp start vodafone account
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